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RECENT DULCIMER PLAYING CHAMPIONSHIPS! We've been attending Appalachian fiddle conventions, getting into the roots of the area's music, showing folks what the mountain dulcimer can do, and picking up some honors along the way...




After winning the Galax (VA) & Fiddlers Grove fiddle convention Dulcimer Championships in 1987, Lois did not compete much more until 2014 when she and Ehukai started visiting fiddle conventions. She's honored to have been awarded:

’14 Mt. Airy, NC Dulcimer Champion

’14 Grayson County, VA Dulcimer Champion

’14 Alleghany County, NC Dulcimer Champion

’16 Alleghany County, NC Dulcimer Champion

’16 Tazewell, VA Dulcimer Champion

'16 Laurel Bloomery, TN Dulcimer Champion

'17 Grayson County, VA Dulcimer Champion

'17 Laurel Bloomery, TN Dulcimer Champion

'18 Grayson County, VA Dulcimer Champion

'18 Tazewell, VA Dulcimer Champion

'18 Alleghany County, NC Dulcimer Champion




'12 Fiddlers Grove, NC Dulcimer Champion

’13 Union Grove, NC Dulcimer Champion

’14 Union Grove, NC Dulcimer Champion

’15 Union Grove, NC Dulcimer Champion

’15 Alleghany County, NC Dulcimer Champion

'15 Ashe County, NC Dulcimer Champion

’16 Ashe County, NC Dulcimer Champion

'17 Tazewell, VA Traditional Singer Champion                                          '17 Alleghany County, NC Dulcimer Champion

'18 Tazewell, VA Folk Song Champion

'18 Tazewell, VA Harmonica Champion

'18 Fries, VA Dulcimer Champion


Lois & Ehukai's's Latest CD Release: 

THE GHOST PEPPERS ... "Live from Bryson City"

This is Lois and Ehukai's first duo collection, containing our most-requested instrumental pieces. A spirited collection of Appalachian, British and Scandinavian pieces.  

Titles: Polly Swallow, Red Wing, Blind Mary, March of the King of Laios, Josefin's Waltz, Celtic Melodies, Southern Aristocracy, Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, The Ash Grove, Cherokee Shuffle

Price: $10 plus $3.50 packaging & postage. Order direct from Ehukai Teves, 135 Pine Meadows Road, Bryson City, NC 28713.


Books by Lois Hornbostel: 


American Fiddle Tunes for Mountain Dulcimer 

by Lois Hornbostel


This book contains melodious and energetic music arranged for the novice to experienced player in traditional keys,with musical notation so the selections can be played with other instruments. This was written a dozen years after DULCIMER FIDDLE TUNES below and expands greatly on the reader's repertoire and technique. Accompaniment chords are included.  ... read more

          eBook $14.99.    Book $19.99 + postage

          ORDER AT:  https://www.melbay.com/Products/95527EB/american-fiddle-tunes-for-mountain-dulcimer.aspx


Anthology for the Fretted Dulcimer (eBook/Book)

 by Lois Hornbostel


This collection presents a colorful array of music for the fretted dulcimer illustrating a wide variety of playing styles and techniques. Mel Bay Publications asked Lois to author this method book/collection because of the adventurous diversity of her playing techniques and musical interests. It is a tour de force of mountain dulcimer playing techniques, ranging from traditional southern Appalachian to Cajun music, cowboy songs, sea chanteys, black spirituals, traditional Irish, Scottish, and English music, ... read more

          eBook $25.00.    Book $29.95 + postage

         ORDER AT:  https://www.melbay.com/Products/Default.aspx?bookid=93850EB


Cajun Favorites for Mountain Dulcimer (eBook+Online Audio)

With Musical Notation & Chords for Other Instruments

by Lois Hornbostel


This collection of sweet waltzes and lively two-steps presents an exciting new repertoire for mountain dulcimer players, with playing techniques for authentic style. An audio download online is availableof all the music is included, and the notation and chords in standard keys can also be used for other instruments. This music suits the mountain dulcimer well because it comes from the Cajun accordion, which has the same simple diatonic scale. The easy melodies and chord progressions in this repertoire can b... read more

          eBook $14.99.  Book $19.99 + postage. eBook & Online Companion Recording $14.99 + postage.    Book & Online Companion Recording $22.99.

          ORDER AT:  https://www.melbay.com/Products/98402MEB/cajun-favorites-for-mountain-dulcimer.aspx


Dulcimer Duets, Rounds and Ensembles (eBook)

by Lois Hornbostel


Many of the developing dulcimer clubs and groups throughoutthe country wanted a book that would provide music for themto play in different voices. These 34 pieces are charming, with many familiar American folk favorites. New players often use this book for its melody parts alone, which provide simple arrangements of the tunes. read more >

           eBook $19.99 + postage

          ORDER AT:  https://www.melbay.com/Products/94041EB/dulcimer-duets-rounds-and-ensembles.aspx


Dulcimer Fiddle Tunes (eBook+Online Audio)

By Lois Hornbostel


For over 25 years, this has been the jam-session standard for arrangements of fiddle tunes for mountain dulcimer. Contains 40 favorite tunes that can easily be played in the regular keys and up to speed. In notation and tablature. Level of difficulty - intermediate. (Arranged for the beginner to advanced player in traditional keys fo they can be played with other instruments. Accompaniment chords included.)  **Note -  25 songs of the 40 total from the book are on online audio. read more >

          eBook & Online Companion Recording $19.95.

            ORDER AT:  https://www.melbay.com/Products/93713BCDEB/dulcimer-fiddle-tunes.aspx

The Irish Dulcimer (eBook)

by Lois Hornbostel


This classic collection provides fretted dulcimer players with an authentic Irish repertoire. The 31 selections include jigs, slides, hornpipes, polkas, reels, slow airs, harp tunes, and songs. Accompaniment chords and musical notation are provided for other instruments. The modal music of Ireland fits well to the modal techniques and nuances of the dulcimer. It can drone like the uillean pipes, be rhythmic as a bodhran, and melodic like a fiddle. Lois gives the dulcimer player an important introduction to ... read more >

          eBook $19.95

          ORDER AT:  https://www.melbay.com/Products/93661EB/the-irish-dulcimer.aspx


More CDs from Lois and Ehukai: 

TO ORDER Lois or Ehukai's CDs - Send a check or money order for the items & postage costs below, made out to Ehukai Teves, and mail to: Ehukai Teves, 135 Pine Meadows Road, Bryson City, NC 28713. CDBaby orders can be made by clicking on the links below recordings. THANK YOU & ENJOY!

“A MELODIOUS MEETING” by Lois Hornbostel & Mike Fenton

Lois Hornbostel (mountain dulcimer) and International Autoharp Champion Mike Fenton perform a beautiful blending of the two instruments on their favorite traditional pieces on this economically-priced CD. Ehukai Teves plays bass and duet dulcimer on King of the Fairies.

Titles: Polly Swallow, Jim Shank, The Flight of the Eaglets, Hewlett, Uncle Henry, Anna's Visa, King of the Fairies, Bosco Stomp, Barlow Knife, Ozark Farewell

Price: $10 plus $3.50 packaging & postage.

"An amazing mountain dulcimer album. Every track is terrific from beginning to end." Joellen Lapidus, legendary dulcimer pioneer.

"Mike Fenton has been in the forefront of the autoharp community performing, educating, researching and writing for nearly thirty years. His influence will be felt in the USA and Great Britain for years to come - he is today's Pied Piper of the Autoharp." Autoharp Hall of Fame.

NEW!  "A Melodious Meeting" CD is now available for digital downloads from CDBaby. Visit http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/loishornbostel to sample the mountain dulcimer & autoharp music with two-time International Autoharp Champ Mike Fenton!


“ONE KISS” by Ehukai Teves

Beautiful original songs sung and played in many styles and voices on mountain dulcimer by Ehukai Teves. 

Titles: Roseland, Skeletons, The Other Side of Sarah, ¿Por Que No?, Gypsy of the Road, Fall for Love, One Kiss, Deep Creek, Step by Step, Viper Town. 

Price: $10 plus $3.50 packaging & postage.

"Ehukai's catchy tunes and beautiful baritone voice drew me in from the first listen. Repeated listening reveals a rich mixture of romance, humor and pathos that resonates deep in the heart. A real treasure!" Shuviel Ma'Aravi. 

NEW!  "One Kiss" CD is now available for digital downloads from CDBaby. Visit http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ehukaiteves to sample original songs by Ehukai Teves featuring lead instrumentals on mountain dulcimer! 


“Shady Grove Revisited” CD by Ehukai Teves:

This economical, 10-selection CD presents Ehukai's contemporary dulcimer renditions and vocals of classic folksongs he learned from Jean Ritchie.

Titles: Hangman, Killy Kranky, Johnny Collins, Morning Come and Mariah's Gone, Old Daddy Grumble, Shady Grove, Goin' to Boston, Blue Diamond Mine, Moving on Down the River, Young Man Who Wouldn't Raise Corn

Price: $10 plus $3.50 packaging & postage.


“Love of a Lifetime” CD by Ehukai & the Jolley Rogues:

Ehukai Teves (mountain dulcimer, bass, vocals) and Don Skinner (bowed psaltery, harmonica, vocals) perform a lively collection of original traditional-style pieces.

Titles: Brother Jon, Cumberland Gap (Ehukai's song), Evil Jungle Prince, I Dream of Dulcimer, In Your Dreams, Kinda Like You, King Cahr, Kui, Love of a Lifetime, Merci Waltz, Terry Lee Jig, Waiting for My Jean Ritchie, The Wedding Song

Price: $10 plus $3.50 packaging & postage.

NEW!  Ehukai's CD "Love of a Lifetime" is now available for digital downloads from CDBaby. Visit http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jolleyrogues to sample original songs by Ehukai featuring instrumentals by Ehukai on mountain dulcimer and by Don Skinner on bowed psaltery.


“Nanawale Nights” CD Series – The Teves Family

“Nanawale Nights” CD Series – The Teves Family

Harold, Leina'ala and Ehukai Teves play and sing classic Hawaiian songs:

I. Classic Hawaiian Songs:  Kaula Ili, Ka Ulu Wehi O Ke Kai, Pua Lilia, Sweet Violeka, Ku'u Papale Lauhala, 'Ale 'ale O Ke Kai, Kanaka Wai Wai, Hilo My Home Town, Maui Waltz, I Love You, Lei Po'ina' Ole, Loa'a Kou Puni, He Punahele, Ka'a 'ahi Kahului, Morning Dew, Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua, He Ono, Pu'u ana Hulu, Ke'awa Iki, La Elima, Molokai Nui A Hina.

II. Classic Hawaiian Songs for Hula:  Ua Noho Wau A Kupa, Ko'ula, Na'Alii, Sanoe, Ulupalakua, Hupe Kole, Hula Pauoa, He Aloha No O Honolulu, Imi Au Ia Oe, Keaukaha, Nani Ka'ala, Ka Ilima, Mai Poina Oe Ia'u.

III. Hawaiian Hymns:  E Kolu Mea Nue, Nani Keli'i Ki'eki'e, Ke Akua Mana E, Lei Mailai Lei O Ka Nani, Ole Aloha Me Kou Iesula, Nu Oli, Maikai E Launa Me Oe, Hoe Amau, Iesu No Ke Kahu Hipa, Bana Nani E, Ho'o Nani I Ka Makua Mau.

IV. Classic Hawaiian Songs:  Waikoloa, Moku Elima, Mele Lai'i, Ku'uipo, Akaka Falls, Pua Ahihi, O' Makalapua, Kaulana Na Pua, Ka Haku, Ka Makua Mana Loa, Kaleponi.


CD I:  $15 + $3.50 packaging & postage.

Other CDs (II, III and IV):  $10 + $3.50 packaging & postage each.

The Set of 4 CD recordings:  $40 + $6 packaging & postage.

Order direct from Ehukai Teves, 135 Pine Meadows Road, Bryson City, NC 28713.