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RECENT DULCIMER PLAYING CHAMPIONSHIPS! We've been attending Appalachian fiddle conventions, getting into the roots of the area's music, showing folks what the mountain dulcimer can do, and picking up some honors along the way...




After winning the Galax (VA) & Fiddlers Grove fiddle convention Dulcimer Championships in 1987, Lois did not compete much more until 2014 when she and Ehukai started visiting fiddle conventions. She's honored to have been awarded:

’14 Mt. Airy, NC Dulcimer Champion

’14 Grayson County, VA Dulcimer Champion

’14 Alleghany County, NC Dulcimer Champion

’16 Alleghany County, NC Dulcimer Champion

’16 Tazewell, VA Dulcimer Champion

'16 Laurel Bloomery, TN Dulcimer Champion

'17 Grayson County, VA Dulcimer Champion

'17 Laurel Bloomery, TN Dulcimer Champion

'18 Grayson County, VA Dulcimer Champion

'18 Tazewell, VA Dulcimer Champion

'18 Alleghany County, NC Dulcimer Champion




'12 Fiddlers Grove, NC Dulcimer Champion

’13 Union Grove, NC Dulcimer Champion

’14 Union Grove, NC Dulcimer Champion

’15 Union Grove, NC Dulcimer Champion

’15 Alleghany County, NC Dulcimer Champion

'15 Ashe County, NC Dulcimer Champion

’16 Ashe County, NC Dulcimer Champion

'17 Tazewell, VA Traditional Singer Champion                                          '17 Alleghany County, NC Dulcimer Champion

'18 Tazewell, VA Folk Song Champion

'18 Tazewell, VA Harmonica Champion

'18 Fries, VA Dulcimer Champion



The Sing Out! Radio Magazine (Aug. 2014) featured two fiddle tune cuts from Lois's "Dulcimer Jubilee" CD on their special program about Jean Ritchie. DJ and old-time musician Tom Druckenmiller:  "It's a great CD."


Swain County Center for the Arts:  "We continue to get rave reviews on your performance. Even people who come regularly to the concerts have said that they have never enjoyed a concert so much and that they didn't want to leave. We were very pleased with the number of people who attended on Sunday. You two are the best of the best! We appreciate your willingness to fit us into your schedule."


Multi-instrumentalist A.J. Bodnar described one of Lois and Ehukai's recent performances:  "Your performance of 'Polly Swallow' was one of the sweetest memories I will take away from this year's Common Ground. I can still see Ehukai being swept away as the two of you flew on that carpet of music. He and me both. I'll never be able to get the piece out of my head."

Mary Walker, presenter, Tucson, AZ:  "Lois and Ehukai uniquely expand the versatility of the mountain dulcimer with delightful results - to jazz, samba and Hawaiin themes, along with traditional mountain music with new improvisational twists."

Performing Experience:

A performance by Ehukai Teves and Lois Hornbostel combines the best of their colorful musical worlds. Audiences at one of Lois and Ehukai's performances are treated to traditional songs from the Southern Appalachians, Celtic dance and harp tunes, Cajun music, traditional Hawaiian songs (in Hawaiian), a sit-down hula, classic rock songs, and original music, laced with humor and anecdotes from their diverse musical experiences.

Lois is an award-winning mountain dulcimer player and folk musician who has lived in North Carolina mountains for 27 years. She has performed in venues from the Smithsonian to traditional music settings like London’s Cecil Sharp House, The Swannanoa Gathering, Augusta Heritage Center, John C. Campbell Folk School, and all the major dulcimer events. Lois was chosen for the CD recording “Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Vol. 1,” and her “Vive le Dulcimer” recording was a finalist for an “Indie” award in the world music category.

Ehukai is Hawaii's gift to the mountain dulcimer - an exciting instrumentalist whose axes include bass, Chapman stick, ukulele, guitar and harmonica. He's known for his vocals both in the rock and folk fields, and has written over 300 songs. His original song "Kalapana Sands" (listen below) was on a HOKU (Hawaiian Grammy) Album of the Year. Ehukai's performing career began as a teenager, playing bass for his parents, Leinaala and Harold Teves, in their popular traditional Hawaiian band. Ehukai worked as an actor and extra on the original Hawaii Five-0 TV series, and has played clubs and hotels in Honolulu and Las Vegas.

Check out our performing dulcimers!  See our Home page for the innovative and inexpensive hard body dulcimers Ehukai Teves is making and offering for sale. 

Also, dulcimer builder Quintin Stephens built the other wonderful mountain dulcimers for Ehukai Teves (MIDI-controllable model) and Lois Hornbostel (Vortex model in zebra wood). They can sound just like regular acoustics but are the dulcimers of the future for concert halls and recording! Thank you for your amazing building talents, Quintin!

Sound Files & Videos of Lois and Ehukai:



Sound file of Lois Hornbostel playing Old-Time fiddle tunes "The Yellow Rose of Texas" and Forked Deer.  Click:  https://soundcloud.com/ehukaiteves/yellow-rose-of-texas-forked



Video of Lois Hornbostel performing Mike Fenton's "Polly Swallow":

From Göran Olsson, master Swedish fiddler: "I have been traveling the world for music, and it's truly one world. My music friends are everywhere, and they are like diamonds on the necklace that I call my life. Here is one of my diamonds performing, Lois Hornbostel, with her mountain dulcimer. Just close your eyes and listen to this beautiful song..."


 Ehukai Teves performing his composition "Viper Town." (alias 'Coal Town Blues') © 2013 Ehukai Teves:


Lois Hornbostel performing "Alleluia, Sing to Jesus" on midi dulcimer:



Ehukai Teves performing the traditional NC song "Jenny's Gone to Ohio,learned from Peggy Seeger. Ehukai won the Folk Song competition at the 2015 Tazewell, VA fiddle convention and placed in the Mt. Airy, NC convention singing this song!



Ehukai Teves singing and playing on his new Chapman Stick “He Aloha No O Honolulu.” It tells the story of a man leaving Honolulu for the Big Island. Ehukai's parents, Leina’ala and Harold Teves, sang this song, and it is dedicated to his brother, musician/photographer Kanaeaupuni Teves, who passed away in 2014.